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Though it depends on the charge and the situation, the stark reality is that it is very likely that you may be sentenced to time in jail. Your best bet for avoiding time in prison is to hire an experienced and formidable criminal defense attorney like Bill Chapin.

Without going into too much detail, the primary difference between a misdemeanor and felony charge is the severity of the crime and punishment. For example, misdemeanors are typically punishable by up to a year in jail, whereas a felony conviction can result in one to 50 years in prison, plus steep restitution fines. Felonies also preclude offenders from many employment and housing opportunities.

It depends entirely on the severity of the charge, your personal criminal background, and mitigating circumstances. Your job is to tell us every fact of the case and your criminal record; ours is to build a strong defense case on your behalf. You can rest assured that we will be transparent about your options and advise you to pursue the best opportunity available to you.

Not necessarily. If you and your spouse can mutually agree on important terms, such as the division of assets, child custody, visitation, spousal and/or child support, and more, divorces can often be settled through informal negotiation or mediation. If you and your spouse cannot, however, agree to these terms, you very well may need to present your case in court.

The type of custody you should pursue depends on your child’s relationship with your ex, your financial and personal means, the outcome you desire, and other important factors. For example, you do want your child to maintain a meaningful relationship with their other parent? Can you support your child on your own? We can help you consider your options and build an argument that supports what you hope to get out of these proceedings.

Judges throughout the United States are bound by law to order custody agreements that they determine to be in the best interest of the child(ren) in question. They will consider each side’s argument, testimony from the child, and each parent’s relative capabilities to child rearing.

If you were laid off as a result of your membership to a protected class, such as race or religious preferences, or because you reported wrongdoing in the workplace, you may very well have a valid claim against the company. Contact Chapin Law Office today to discuss the details of your case and we will advise you on how to proceed.

The answer is more than likely less. If another driver breaks the law and causes injury to someone else, they are likely liable for damages. We can help you file a claim, provide adequate evidence of wrongdoing, and defend your claim in court, if necessary.

If you are the surviving next of kin, spouse, or designated personal representative of the deceased, you may bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. Damages can be awarded for medical and final rites costs, lost household income, and even loss of consortium.

Principal attorney Bill Chapin has been practicing law since 1984. Over the course of his esteemed career, Mr. Chapin has proven a formidable force in the courtroom and less formal negotiations.

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