Colloquially referred to as the “Star City,” Lincoln is the capital of the state of Nebraska and its second-largest city, with a population just under a quarter of a million as of 2014. Our city is also the seat of Lancaster County, located in southeastern Nebraska.

Local Economy

Complete with a booming economy (particularly in the technology sector) and the second-tallest capitol building in the United States, Lincoln has come a long way from its humble beginnings, when it was known as the Village of Lancaster.

A Brief History

Long before it came to be known as the “Star City,” the area was inhabited by the Pawnee Native American Tribe, whose members populated numerous villages along the Platte River. The Great Sioux Nation was also present during these early days, as was the Lakota Tribe. Each tribe used the land for hunting.

After the city was founded in 1856, salt mining became a major part of the fledgling city’s nascent economy, though its prominence would be short-lived. Over the course of the 20th century, it would experience significant growth, both economically and in terms of its populous. The railroad industry and the advent of World War II would only accelerate expansion.


Large employers include the State of Nebraska, Lincoln Public Schools, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Bryan Health, City of Lincoln, St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, Burlington Northern Railroad, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and B&R Stores. Culturally, the city is the home to the Lied Center, Marcus Theatres, Pinnacle Bank Arena, Bourbon Theatre, Duffy’s Tavern, Knickerbockers and the Zoo Bar and The Pla-Mor Ballroom.

Things to Do

In terms of recreation, we boast over 125 parks throughout the city, including the Hamann Rose Garden, Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Veteran’s Memorial Garden, Holmes Park, Pioneer Park, Iron Horse Park, Sunken Gardens, Nine Mile Prairie, Union Plaza, Wilderness Park and the Lincoln Community Foundation Tower Square.

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