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Chapin Law Office provides a variety of legal services for individuals and families in the Lincoln, Nebraska area such as representation in matters of criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury.

Bankruptcy-150If you and your family are dealing with crippling debt and feel unsure about how to get a handle on it, contact a skilled Lincoln bankruptcy attorney today. Bankruptcy is never anyone’s first choice for dealing with insolvency, but sometimes it may be the only avenue for families to get debt relief. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you review your family’s finances and determine a plan of action for dealing with what at first may seem like an impossible problem. In some cases, of course, there may be other options besides bankruptcy that are open to families who need debt relief, including settlement and/ or debt negotiation. Whether you file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy depends on a number of factors, including your income, assets and the size of your debt.

Regardless of the specifics of your financial circumstances, however, federal law can provide some kind of debt relief available to you and your family. If you are a consumer whose debt is too large to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or an owner of a business that is not a sole proprietorship, you may have the option of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Furthermore, family farmers and individuals who make their living via fishing may be able to meet the criteria necessary to file for Chapter 12 bankruptcy. Contact Chapin Law Office today to find out what kind of debt relief may be right for you and your family. We also represent defendants in representation of preference matters in the State of Nebraska.

Criminal Defense

Criminal-Defense-150Being arrested for a crime is an extremely stressful experience, especially if it is your first time being charged. If you are facing criminal charges in the Greater Lincoln area, we know what you’re going through and we want you to contact us. Picking up the phone and calling an aggressive criminal defense attorney after an arrest is the single best thing you can do to help prevent an unwarranted conviction. The second most important thing you can do following an arrest is to avoid answering any questions you may be asked by law enforcement officials until your criminal defense lawyer is present. It’s easy for defendants to compromise their rights and their freedom by talking to the police without legal representation. By consulting an experienced defense attorney, you’ll give yourself a far better chance of avoiding prison time, high fines and fees.

DUI Charges

Individuals charged with drunk driving have two separate issues to deal with. First, they have to resolve their charges through the criminal justice system. Secondly, they need to take on the administrative aspect of their case — namely, the potential suspension of their license by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. Your arrest for DUI automatically triggers this administrative suspension: it is not dependent on your conviction. Once arrested, you have a limited amount of time to appeal this suspension. Additionally, Under Nebraska’s implied consent law, a driver’s refusal to take to a preliminary breath test when asked to do so can result in an administrative license suspension. This means you can lose your license even if you are not charged with a crime! A good DUI lawyer will assist you with both your criminal defense and your administrative suspension following an arrest, as well as ensure that you don’t lose your driving privileges. We can help you fight your charges and work with the DMV on your behalf to keep you on the road.

Other Matters

At Chapin Law Office, we provide legal assistance with most kinds of criminal defense matters, including drug crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault crimes, weapons crimes, theft and other property crimes, white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, murder, federal crimes, appeals and moving violations. Contact our Lincoln office today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We will fight ruthlessly for you in order to protect your rights and freedom.

Employment Law

Employment-Law-150If you believe you were targeted for discrimination or otherwise injured by an employer’s violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, you have the right to take legal action. This usually begins by filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), who will review your case and seek to settle it with your employer. If your employer still does not accept responsibility for their actions, the EEOC will send you a right-to-sue letter, at which point you can initiate legal action against them. A skilled employment law attorney can assist you with the entirety of the bureaucratic and legal process involved in filing a suit alleging discrimination, sexual harassment and/or other violations of your rights.

Other violations of employment law, such as disputes involving overtime or minimum wage, involve breaches of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) instead of the EEOC. At Chapin Law Office, we can assist you with the process of filing a complaint under the FLSA and take legal action on your behalf to see that any wages you’ve lost due to your employer’s actions are addressed effectively. We also represent employees filing lawsuits related to issues such as a failure to make reasonable accommodations. Finally, we can assist employers and employees with establishing contracts and help initiate litigation should civil action become necessary. Contact our Lincoln office today to speak with a dedicated employment lawyer about your situation.

Family Law

Family-Law-150If you’re facing a possible divorce or child custody hearing, it’s highly recommended that you contact a dedicated family law attorney as soon as possible. A family lawyer will help guide you through the process of filing for divorce, establishing a child custody order or dealing with other concerns related to a domestic legal issue.

In the public mind, divorce is often pictured as being an emotionally-charged matter that involves two spouses squaring off against each other in court. While it’s true that many divorces are litigated in this way, depending on the circumstances involved, you may not need to go that route. An experienced divorce attorney may be able to help you and your spouse minimize the cost, time and emotional upheaval associated with the dissolution of your marriage by guiding the two of you toward an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce should always be your last resort due to its exorbitant cost(s) and the time required in seeing it through. Furthermore, minor children whose parents can avoid a contested divorce in favor of a mediated or uncontested divorce are far less likely to experience emotional upheaval or financial instability as the union is ending.

We Can Help

No matter how poorly you and the other parent are at communicating with one another, or how widely you may disagree about the key elements of a divorce settlement, don’t just assume that your matter will end up in litigation without speaking to a lawyer. Indeed, there are often more affordable and effective ways to resolve family law matters. In the event that your issue does proceed to litigation, however, we will fight for you to protect your interests as well as the best interests of your child/children.

Let’s Get to Work

At Chapin Law Office, we represent clients in matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, guardianships, paternity suits (including those involving in loco parentis), tax issues, separations, visitation, and annulments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your family law issue. In the event that we can’t take your case, we can help connect you to other legal resources that may improve your situation.

Personal Injury

Personal-Injury-150If you have recently been involved in a vehicle accident or other serious accident in the Greater Lincoln area, you should speak with a knowledgeable Lincoln personal injury attorney at once. Your lawyer can assist you with the claims process following an accident and see that you get the maximum financial damages to which you are entitled under Nebraska state law. Compensation awarded in personal injury settlements or verdicts can be used to cover medical expenses, lost income and other costs, including a victim’s pain and suffering.

By allowing an aggressive Lincoln personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim, you can prevent claims examiners and the insurance companies they serve from finding ways to deny your claim. Whether your claim involves a car accident, truck crash or motorcycle collision, we want to hear from you. We also represent victims of medical or dental malpractice, slip and fall accidents and other incidents regarding matters of premises liability. Finally, we represent surviving family members who are filing wrongful death suits in the State of Nebraska. Call our Lincoln office today to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. We promise to work hard for you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Chapin Law Office offers experienced legal counsel in cases involving bankruptcy, personal injury, veteran’s disability, criminal defense, SSI and SSD. Call (402) 441-5858 today to schedule your free consultation.