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Creating a Guardianship to Protect Your Loved One in Lancaster County

If a person is unable to make responsible decisions for themselves, the court may appoint a guardian to assist that individual and ensure that their best interests are sufficiently protected. Guardianships may be established to care for a child or any adult who lacks the physical, mental, or emotional capacity to make their own decisions. As a guardian, the trusted individual manages the person’s affairs and makes important decisions on their behalf. If you need help establishing a guardianship in the Lincoln area, or if you are involved a guardianship dispute, reach out to Chapin Law Office as soon as possible to work with an experienced family law attorney who is committed to helping you obtain a successful resolution.

The Purpose of a Guardianship

When a child or other vulnerable individual is unable to care for themselves, the legal guardian steps in to keep them safe. As soon as a legal guardianship is established, the guardian must act in the ward’s best interests. While there are various types of guardianships, including a full guardian, a limited guardian, a temporary guardian, and more, all these individuals must make decisions that keep the ward safe from harm.

Establishing a Guardianship

To create a guardianship, the incapacitated individual or anyone who is concerned about the child or person’s well being may petition the county county to establish a guardianship. Depending on the specifics of the situation, disputes may arise throughout the process. It’s helpful to work with a knowledgeable attorney who possesses a thorough understanding of the legal process so that you can receive the support and counsel you need along the way.

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Guardianship cases may be emotionally challenging, as they involve vulnerable individuals and ensuring that they are properly protected from those who may not have their best interests at heart. Chapin Law Office is familiar with the guardianship process in Nebraska, and our trusted family law attorney will work with you to help you achieve a fair and favorable outcome. Whatever your current concerns may be, Chapin Law Office is here to provide you the trusted legal guidance you need during this difficult time.

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